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The basic CDW insurance already covers immobilisation’ charges (for loss of revenue while the car is being repaired and cannot be rented out).

The customer is familiarized with all important terms and conditions before signing of the renting contract.
The minimal renter’s (driver’s) age is
23 years for RENAULT Thalia,
24 years for HYUNDAI i 20, VOLKSWAGEN Polo, OPEL Astra, SEAT Ibiza ST and KIA Rio. 
25 years for SEAT Toledo, OPEL Zafira, VOLKSWAGEN Golf, SKODA Octavia, PEUGEOT 3008.
27 years for motor home
Max. 69 years. Driver outside of defined age limit + 69 years = € 3,00 / days, min. € 12,00.
Drivers are required to present a valid driving license that he/ she has held for at least two years, for motor home 6 years. Driving practice is also required.

Required Documents:
Identity Card or Passport, Driving License,  Credit card.

Payment Conditions:
The latest date to pay for the rental and to pay the deposit is the beginning of the rental; so the renter is obliged to pay the rent and the deposit by picking up of the car. Rental charges and deposits may vary by car category and by the length of rent. All mentioned discounts are valid under condition, that the car will be used in terms of the renting contract and it will be returned undamaged. We prefer payments by embossed bank cards. The renting company is entitled to deposit deduction for any receivables resulting from the renting contract. Please, contact TATRAN for more information.

Car reservation:
To send a car reservation please fill in the reservation form on this web site. We will confirm the reception of your reservation by e-mail and send you a price offer for your rental.

Definite order of a vehicle equals at least 8% discount from the price:  
Definite order can be confirmed only for the concrete type of vehicle. The order of the vehicle is made upon the filled reservation application which is available online
at the "book a car" section. After sending the application you will receive (usually by 24 hours) a detailed price offer. If you confirm the offer and pay the reservation fee (€ 30 - € 50 according to the type of the vehicle),  we will send you a confirmation e-mail about receiving your definite order. Definite order you will get at least 8% discount from the rent price (which is not valid for discounts). A paid fee is counted into the rent price. By not paying the fees the order is non-binding for both sides. In case of cancelling the definite reservation the reservation fee will not be given back. Late confirmation of definite reservation according to this offer must not be accepted.
Collision Damage Waiver, Theft Protection (CDW, TP). TATRAN offers a partial coverage of the damages caused by damage, loss or the vehicle.
In casa of consuming alcoholic beverages or any other drugs, the client takes responsibility for the damage up to the full price of repair costs.
Every curtailment of the insurance company, resulting from the damage caused on the vehicle, is automatically transferred at the renter.
In case the renter leaves the papers, keys or any other important documents inside the vehicle, the renter is fully accountable to the damage up to the insured value of the vehicle.

Deposit for the car:
The renter is asked to pay a deposit for the car, which will be given back to him/her if the car will be used in terms of the renting contract and will be given back undamaged. The deposit can be paid by a credit card – money will be blocked during the rental. The height of the deposit is min. 200 - 1000 €. Deposit depends on car class. In case of following the terms and conditions, the Renter will be given back the full amount paid for Security Deposit during the next 48 hours since the return of the rented vehicle.

Weekend Rentals:
You can rent a car at any hour on Friday 8:00 to 18:00 - you are renting a car for three days until Monday for the  price of two days. Weekend kilometer limit is 600 km / weekend. Excessive mileage to be covered by the vehicle class.
Second driver:
The vehicle may be driven by a second driver that has the same requirements as the first driver. The fee for second driver is € 3,00 / day, min. € 9,00. Third driver, please inform yourself about this possibility.

Travelling abroad:
Is possible only with prior written approval by the Car Renting Company. Special prices € 1,00 / day, min. € 8,00. officially verified consent to use the car abroad € 12,00. Please inform yourself about this possibility.

One way rent:
Please inform yourself about this possibility.

Services outside of opening hours
Our services are available outside the opening hours. Fee € 0 - € 28,00.

Where and when can you pick up and drop off the car?

You can pick up the car at any in advance arranged place at any time. Please inform yourself, if this service will be charged.

The customer is accountable to every fees throughout the time of the rent.
Prolongation of the rent:
The renter is accountable to announce every prolongation of the rent at least 24 hours before the termination of the lease.
renter must receive a written confirmation about such prolongation and the renter must pay the full rent price in advance. Every non-prolongation through the specific time will be considered as illegal usage of the vehicle with all the consequences.

Additional conditions:
Every discount is given when returning undamaged vehicle and when following all the terms of the rent. Rented vehicles must be returned washed and cleaned by the customer.
Prices may include the fee € 0 - 15,00 for cleaning up of the car. For excessive impurity we charge € 32,00 or more according to the costs of cleaning.
Rental prices are specified in the price list - after a discount of 20% from the basic price.

Tatran is not accountable to the property of the client as well as things kept in the car.
Tatran may refuse the rent considered as inconvenient and the discount are not claimed.
Stated price does not have to be valid when using the vehicle abroad. 

In the event of dispute as a result of this contractual agreement, the Slovak text only shall have validity. Slovak lawshall be applicable. The place for legal jurisdiction is Poprad for both parties.
The vehicles may be equipped by the satellite monitoring system.

When renting the car it is fully fueled. We ask that you to return the car with a full tank. If the car is not refueled, we charge the price of missing petrol x 1,2.